Noah’s Ark Workshop

Sunday School


Angels in Sunday School

Drawings of Mary visited by the Angel Gabriel and the Angel Gabriel with Zechariah and Elizabeth.

Stir Up Sunday

Light of the World Benefice Workshop

Ava was the Sunday school leader!!!!!

Harvest Gifts

Potato printing for Harvest

In Sunday school we looked at potatoes that were damaged on the outside and discussed they were perfect inside. We thought about how we can grow inside with good thoughts, love and care.

Pentecost Workshop

Overflowing with the Holy Spirit

Lucy Lamb at Sunday School

Lucy the Lamb (the star of Patrick’s school recording) visited and helped us with understanding the parable ‘I am the vine’.

We made play doh sculptures .

Easter Sunday School

The children made artwork for Easter and a labyrinth outside

Easter Preparations

Nativity Star

Making the nativity star; Ariya and Iris keeping warm and seeing a huge snowman; artwork of Jesus being baptised by John the Baptist and angels watching over us

Advent poster

Children’s poppy reflection

Harvest prayers, paintings and picnic

Jesus – Light of the World

Harvest prayers, paintings and picnic

Decorating Rocks

The children decorated stones as a symbol of strength. On Zoom we have looked at how brave David and Daniel were and how their faith in God kept them strong and the children were reminded on their return to school that they are never alone.

St Peter’s School Display

Sunday School at the open air service

Sunday School in lockdown

All children received certificates for their participation during lockdown; Pentecost flame by Paige.

A view from the tower

It is always nice to enjoy looking at the church on a sunny day.

As you wander round, hidden away in the tower at church… a narrow, dark spiral staircase, various rooms with memorials, a narrow ladder to maintain the clock, a dark belfry… but climb to the top on a nice day and enjoy some lovely views of Burnley.

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